of Level D full flight simulators. Facilitator, finding prospective operators, writing proposals, the company sales presentation, technical documentation. Sales of sub-systems to systems integrators in Asia/Australia.


of sub-systems for both civil and military aircraft - turbine engines, aerodynamics, flight controls, sound & comms, hydraulics, fuel system, air conditioning, electrical systems.

Construction supervision

of setting up a simulator building; supervising foundation work, building completion, electricity supply suitable for fully electric actuators, floor requirements, office lay-out, air conditioning installation, hiring security personnel.

Setting up a business

Creating income from operating simulators. Simulator dry lease and type ratings. Setting up part 142 organisation and hiring instructors. Sub-contracting to an EASA approved 142 organisation.

Running the business

Making it cash flow positive, and creating rapid growth in the first 18 months. Installing multiple devices and making sure that they have paying customers 20-24 hours/day.

Installing Full Flight Simulators

Moving into position, bringing up to settled height, mounting sub-systems and wiring, connecting with building electricity, preparing floor for motion pads, arranging for EASA certification.

Relocating Full Flight Simulators

Dismantling, crating, shipping, importing, road transport.


Writing training course material, conducting hands-on training in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia.


Writing the company product specification manual, design documents.